Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick New Things

here are some quick things I did in my sketchbook. I've got a couple more but they're not quite ready yet.

I plan on experimenting digitally on these so when I stumble onto some excellent technique I'll be sure to post it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come one come all to the Greenpoint Gallery!

The Greenpoint Gallery is having its first fall show of the season and to celebrate, a salon-type show! Two (or three?) floors of art, live music, drunk folks, annnd an awesome dog named sky!

Come out and see some excellent work from many different artist, including but not limited to: Rachel Pontious, Andrew Vergara, Lisa Fiore <3, and Me! (I'm sure there are a bunch more but those are the only ones I'm certain of at the moment). Drop by and see who else participated!

Here's a link to their website! (@__@)

The address is : 390 McGuinness Blvd. Brooklyn, NY

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Card

Recycled images for the mail out.

Lets Do The Damn Thing!

So I just got my business cards printed (finally!). I know I'm waaay behind everybody but we all move at our own paces (I reassure myself).

Simple, clean, and direct.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nicotine Magazine

Featured in the first issue of Nicotine Magazine which can be viewed here! (www.nicotinemag.com). I had a lot of fun contributing to this zine and look froward to another collaboration with the editors. (and midnight, the husky)


My submission to Illustration Friday's topic: Mysterious

Thursday, September 1, 2011

self portrait

Creeps Annual Zine

Hey guys! I just finished working on a few pieces including a t-shirt design for the Creeps Annual Zine. It won't be out for a little while but when it is available I'll post my contributions!

Thanks for keeping up if you're following me. :-D I look forward to posting more work soon!

Happy End of Summer all!

Ode to Ricardo Cavolo

This piece was inspired by the artist Ricardo Cavolo...who I am artistically infatuated with. His work is very naive yet charming, fun, and authentic. I'm a huge fan. I channeled him in this experimental piece.


This was a wedding present that I worked on for a fantastic couple that I have the privilege of knowing. It is now hanging up in their beautiful new apartment that they bought together. I am glad it has found such a loving home. Congratulations you two! You fill me with hope!

Experiments aka my DARK SIDE

These are some pieces I did for Frances Jetter's Experiments in Narrative class. I had to dig deep into the hurt and darkness and harness their great powers of evil to really get across my hatred in its most pure form. I found it very therapeutic and effective.

Great class! Jetter's definitely someone to experience.


Some paintings made for Joo Chung's fine art of illustration class. They can all stand to get a little more work.


Here are some of the better pieces I did for Regino Gonzales' Tattoo design class. There are a couple more from the class that I wouldn't mind revisiting later on.


Samurai vs Ninjas

This was a pattern project for Marcos Chin's fashion illustration course. It didn't look like this when I turned it in but I reworked it a tad.



This was a collaborative piece I started in the wake of the BP oil spill. My very good friend Aemi Thorne and I will finish it...at some point and repost it.


perks of being a wallflower

Senior Year...

Was a bust. It sucked. I thought everything would pick up and I would find my footing but it all ended up becoming a smooshed up blur of insecurities and anxiety. A majority of the times I struck out but when I dug deep, I feel like I hit a couple out the park. This one was one of them. The project was to do an illustration based off of a title. Titles were drawn at random out of a hat and mine was:

The Difficult Secret


So this has been a long time coming and I don't really know where to start...so I'll just start.

This first image I made over the summer before the start of senior year. It was originally a trial run for a tarot cards series that I wanted to tackle. This was the Death Card. I took a lot of reference but the project sort of fizzled out. I would like to pick it up again and maybe do something a little faster and more colorful.