Thursday, October 20, 2011


So I was recently inducted into this really awesome blog called ten-paces and draw that my friend Andrew Vergara introduced me to.

Basically, every other week (or so) by midnight on a monday you turn in a rough sketch on an assigned topic--then your sketch is given to another artist in the ten-paces community and you are given yet a different member's sketch (my tuesday afternoon). A featured artist is picked as the "inspiration" behind the theme and you can either choose to mimic that artist's style, or the artist who's sketch you have, OR use your own style to go to final on the sketch you were assigned. Deadlines are at midnight on the thursday of the same week of your assignment and all entries are posted by friday afternoon!'s not as confusing as I had worded it. Promise.

This was my first assignment which I think I botched. The topic was a 3-5 panel comic. This was the sketch I got entitled "Waiting for Sleep" by the incredibly charming Mare Odomo

and this was my final...

which I find a little contrived. No big deal, lesson learned. I also almost didn't make my deadline because I was fussing over it so much because by the end of it I just wasn't buying it. I decided from then on that I would have more fun with these project and the rest of my work because when I have fun with it--it looks fun. I can feel my work breathe when I get loose but I seldom do it. I get so wrapped up in trying to make things pristine that it gets stuffy and dies a little. I get so terrified to make a mistake that it's paralyzing and you can see the fear in the work. Or at least I can.

After this project I loosened up and made a few things I'm pretty proud of. I mad the little horseman and the portrait of me smiling and screaming.

I am also about to post the new submissions for this weeks ten paces theme! It goes up tomorrow and once it has, I'll be sure to show you guys :-) Young called it "festive."


P.S. Kyle, prepare for the reawakening of my dark side.

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